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Birthdate:Dec 13
Location:United States of America
Hello! I'm Midoriyue and I'm a ficaholic. :) I've been writing HET & SLASH FanFiction since about 2004. You can tell Black and White Eyes has been a work in progress since 2006, I'm awful, I know, BUT I will finish it...someday. Others are complete.

Fandoms: I write Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Naruto Fanfiction. I want to write for Merlin as well.

Hobbies: FanFic writing obviously. Reading is probably my main hobby. Graphic design is a close second, I love doing design in photoshop. Icons, banners and the like, you can see some of them on my LiveJournal.

Music: I luuuuurve music. I freely admit I have awesome taste in music, naturally ;), but I also freely admit I listen to a lot of crap too lol. Probably the #1 reason I have typos is I'm listening to music while I read and write about 75% of the time.

Books: I have an unhealthy obsession with books. Written novels and graphic novels. Some of my fav novels are: Harry Potter Series, LOTR Series. I also love fantasy and chicklit. :) Some of my fav graphic novels/manga are: Naruto, The Wallflower, Gravitation, Paradise Kiss, Nana, Bleach, Detroit Metal City, Junjou Romantica and MPD Psycho. Way to many to name.

Likes: The internet, geckos, movies, books, manga, world history, winter, fall, egyptian musk, car rides, hot tea, smart asses, k-pop, k-drama, sarcasm and a good documentary.

Dislikes: Spiders, heights, dirt, shopping, anything outdoors, assholes & analyzers.

Betas/Editor: I currently do not have a beta or editor. I edit all my own fics, which to be honest, can be a total disaster. I'm overly familiar with the flow of the stories so my brain skips mistakes automatically it seems, it can be very frustrating. I will sometimes read over a story 5 times and then after publishing it I see a typo in the second sentence...ridiculous! Please forgive my errors, I try but they do get past me and make me horribly embarrassed sometimes. \O/

Please note that since I am over 18 I WILL post things that will also be for an over 18 audience only. Children you've been warned, walk away.
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